Partner Leadership Circle

Partner Leadership Circle Logo - smallThe CBF Partner Leadership Circle and its accompanying statement of principles underscore the critical role that corporations that work in partnership with law firms and corporate legal departments play in ensuring equal access to justice in the Chicago area. To that end, the Partner Leadership Circle, currently chaired by Jeanne Doran of LexisNexis, is intended to embody best practices for corporate legal departments on pro bono, giving and related issues.

Lawyers, law firms and corporate legal departments would be unable to succeed in their work without the skilled assistance of companies that provide a variety of integral services to enable the practice of law. This is as true for pro bono legal services and legal aid work as it is for other legal work, and these companies have an integral role to play in ensuring access to justice by helping our community’s pro bono and legal aid organizations to carry out their missions. The Statement of Principles for the Partner Leadership Circle underscores both the integral role that partners and consultants to lawyers have in ensuring equal access to our justice system and the critical importance of solid leadership from our region’s companies.

A number of companies have signed on to the CBF Partner Leadership Circle, making commitments to contribute their time, money and in-kind resources as well as to strategically use their influence in the community to advance this cause.

To find out more about the Partner Leadership Circle and how your company can become a part of it, please contact CBF Executive Director Bob Glaves at 312.554.1205 or