The 2018 Pro Bono and Public Service Awards will be presented on July 12 at the CBA & CBF Pro Bono and Public Service Awards Luncheon.

The 2017 Pro Bono & Public Service Award Recipients (clockwise from top center): Trisha Rich, Salvador Lopez, Sheri Mecklenburg, Dan Lesser, Sarah Hess, Howard Rubin, Kathleen Robson Gordon, and Gary Wachtel

Each year the CBF partners with The Chicago Bar Association to recognize exemplary attorneys in our legal community through the CBF/CBA Pro Bono and Public Service Awards and the Justice John Paul Stevens Award.

The Pro Bono and Public Service Awards celebrate outstanding members of the legal profession who have used their talents and resources to improve access to justice for the less fortunate in our community. This year’s awards will be presented at our annual Pro Bono and Public Service Awards Luncheon on July 12, 2018.

The Justice John Paul Stevens Award honors Justice Stevens, a Chicago native, for his lifetime effort to improve the system of justice and his active participation and dedication to the CBA. The award is presented at an annual luncheon to attorneys who best exemplify the Justice’s commitment to integrity and public service in the practice of law.