Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI)

CBF prioritizes J.E.D.I. values for a fair and accessible justice system

The CBF firmly believes that JEDI and the values it reflects are an integral part of reaching our vision of a justice system that is fair, equitable, and accessible for everyone in our community. We are committed to incorporating JEDI into all aspects of our work, using the following definitions as our guide:


Everyone facing a legal issue (1) has timely and affordable access to the level of legal help necessary for them to get a fair and efficient outcome on the merits of their legal issue, and (2) objectively can believe they were treated fairly in the process.


Equity is about offering different types of support to ensure everyone has a fair chance of success. This includes ensuring every person has access to the resources and support they need based on their individual circumstances to get a fair and efficient outcome on their legal issue. The CBF also incorporates equity into our grants, advocacy, programs, and internal operations.


The CBF is firmly committed to having its board of directors reflect the diversity of the legal community in every regard: age, race/ethnicity, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, practice setting (i.e., law firms of all sizes, judges, corporate, government, academic, etc.) and experience.


The behavior and culture that we put forward that encourages everyone to feel valued for their unique qualities and experience a feeling of belonging. The goal is that everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected, heard, and understood.