Pro Bono

Pro bono attorneys play a critical role in making the justice system more fair and accessible for everyone. The CBF helps lawyers and legal professionals get involved in pro bono and supports a variety of pro bono initiatives to help legal aid organizations, law firms, and corporations strengthen their pro bono programs and to ensure that pro bono is an effective supplement to the work of dedicated legal aid attorneys. 

Learn more about how you can use your legal skills to help people in need, and how your support for the CBF is improving the overall pro bono system and expanding pro bono services in our community.

Finding a Pro Bono Opportunity 


There’s a pro bono opportunity that’s right for everyone. Search an online database of pro bono opportunities by subject matter, client type, and time commitment.


Not sure where to start? CBF staff can help you identify and connect with pro bono opportunities that match your schedule, interests, and goals. Contact Elise Tincher at 312.554.1207 or to learn more.

Resources for Developing a Pro Bono Program

The CBF works with all pro bono stakeholders to identify systemic gaps and challenges and to help address them. Among other initiatives, CBF convenes quarterly meetings of pro bono staff at our grantee organizations to share tips, identify trends, and ensure a coordinated approach to pro bono; facilitates communication between stakeholders on a wide variety of issues; and provides training, expertise, and other pro bono resources.

Visit our Pro Bono Resources page for guidance on starting and/or strengthening a pro bono program, including our Pro Bono Checklist and Corporate Pro Bono Toolkit

Developing, Supporting, and Funding Innovative New Projects

The CBF works with the courts, legal aid organizations, law firms, corporations, and others to develop innovative new programs that fill gaps in our legal aid and pro bono system. Examples include the CBF Legal Aid Academy; working with the District Court and many other partners on pro bono programs for the federal court; and working with our partners to create several other court-based pro bono programs.

Promoting Pro Bono Service and Recognizing Leadership and Participation

The CBF actively promotes and recognizes pro bono service in our community, including through our annual Pro Bono and Public Service Awards Luncheon and CBA/CBF Pro Bono Week. CBF grows support for pro bono through our Leadership Circles and works with all of its partners to actively encourage and support pro bono service and programming at all levels. 

In addition, CBF was instrumental in helping to develop and implement rules enabling in-house and retired/inactive attorneys as well as attorneys licensed out of state to participate in pro bono. Find out more here.