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Contact Directory

Investing in Justice Campaign:

Sang-Yup Lee, Director of Development

(312) 554-1204

Media inquiries:

Emme Veenbaas, Senior Manager of Development & Communications

(312) 554-1204

Cy Pres Awards:

Bob Glaves, Executive Director

(312) 554-1204

Information about the CBF’s advocacy efforts:

Roya Samarghandi, Associate Director of Advocacy, Innovation, & Training

(312) 554-8022

Financial information & donation support:

Jess Lingle, Director of Finance

(312) 554-8020

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sang-Yup Lee, Director of Development

(312) 554-1204

Information about the CBF’s grants process:

Melanie MacBride, Associate Director of Grants & COO

(312) 554-1206

Pro Bono Inquiries:

Brian Budzicz, Associate Director of

Pro Bono & Programs

(312) 554-1207

Information about the Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP):

Samoane Williams, Director of the JEP

(312) 546.9970

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