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December 16, 2019

2020 Resolution—Make Law Better by Looking Outside Law

One of the common traits of our legal profession is to view
ourselves as unique in the world. And that is certainly true to an extent, as the
practice of law involves specialized expertise and services that good lawyers
are distinctively able to provide.

But we are not as unique as we think we are, particularly when it comes to the business of law and the way we deliver our services. For that reason, my Fourth Annual New Year’s Resolution for our Profession is to break out of our legal bubble. There is much we can learn from other professions and industries to improve both the practice of law and access to justice.

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November 12, 2019

New CBA/CBF Task Force Aims to Lead Our Profession into the Future

The CBA and CBF earlier this month launched a new Task Force on the Sustainable Practice of Law & Innovation with the interconnected goals of making legal services more affordable and accessible for the public and making the practice of law more innovative and sustainable for lawyers. Building on the CBA and CBF’s prior leadership on these issues and similar efforts in other jurisdictions, the Task Force will reimagine the way we regulate the business of law in Illinois and ultimately make recommendations to the Illinois Supreme Court to modernize the Rules of Professional Conduct to advance these goals. Learn more…

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