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August 25, 2021

Redeeming Justice: An Interview with Jarrett Adams about His New Book and An Inspiring Message for Our Legal Community

I first met Jarrett Jarrett Adams in 2012, when he applied for and received the CBF Abraham Lincoln Marovitz Public Interest Law Scholarship. But the traumatic and unsettling experience that drove him to pursue a legal career and do the amazing work he is doing today started much earlier.

Now a successful lawyer focused on helping others who have been wrongfully convicted, he has written a book coming out on September 14 about his experience. Redeeming Justice is a stirring memoir that appropriately features this teaser on the cover: “From Defendant to Defender, My Fight for Equity on Both Sides of a Broken System.”

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November 18, 2019

amanda insalacoKudos to Amanda Insalaco!

The CBF extends a hearty congratulations to Amanda Insalaco, our 2016 Marovitz Public Interest Law Scholar! Amanda, who graduated from DePaul College of Law last May, received a prestigious Borchard Fellowship in Law & Aging for 2019-2020 hosted by the Center for Disability & Elder Law (CDEL), a CBF grantee.

The Borchard Fellowship will give Amanda […]

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September 25, 2018

sun times fellowsCBF Sun-Times Fellowship Gives a Lifeline to 50 Legal Aid Attorneys

In the past 15 years, cy pres awards directed to the CBF have made a tremendous impact in our work to make the justice system more fair and efficient for all. One award gave the CBF the opportunity to launch the groundbreaking, 10-year CBF Sun-Times Public Interest Law Fellowship program, designed to help make it […]

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August 15, 2018

shannon gloverShannon Glover Awarded 2018 Marovitz Scholarship

Shannon Glover, an incoming first-year law student at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, was recently awarded the 2018 CBF Abraham Lincoln Marovitz Public Interest Law Scholarship. The 16th CBF Marovitz Scholar in the program’s history, Shannon joins an impressive group of future and practicing lawyers who are passionate about helping vulnerable people in our community get the legal help they need.

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August 8, 2018

The CBF Marovitz Scholarship: Helping Future Legal Aid Leaders

“Everybody can’t do big things, but we all can do little things that help others.”

That phrase was one of the trademarks of the late Judge Abraham Lincoln Marovitz, both in word and deed. Throughout his distinguished life and career, Judge Marovitz, or Judge Abe to the many who knew him, was a firm believer that financial need should not be a bar to dedicated young students who want to pursue careers in public service.

As we celebrate the CBF’s 70th Anniversary, we look back to a little thing Judge Marovitz did to help aspiring law students pursue their dreams of helping others–the CBF Abraham Lincoln Marovitz Public Interest Law School Scholarship. First awarded in 2004, the Marovitz Scholarship was made possible by a generous planned gift by Judge Marovitz.

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August 23, 2017

chris leeChris Lee Awarded 2017 Marovitz Scholarship

Christen David Lee started each of his high school days on the bus from his home in Austin and North Lawndale to Lincoln Park High School. Outside the windows, he watched the blocks of vacant lots and dilapidated buildings of the city’s west side slowly change into an entirely different world, where mansions sat across the street from his school. Chris, recipient of the 2017 CBF Abraham Lincoln Marovitz Public Interest Law Scholarship, was struck by the incredible inequalities of Chicago.

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October 17, 2016

amanda insalaco receiving award from andy marovitzInspiring Law Student Gets Boost for Her Dream of a Career in Public Service

Prestigious $40,000 scholarship will help Amanda Insalaco achieve that dream

From a young age, Amanda Insalaco has aspired to a career in public service. As the first in her family to attend college, she graduated with honors and determined she wanted to pursue that dream as a public service lawyer. Tonight, she is one big step closer to realizing that dream after she received the 2016 Chicago Bar Foundation (CBF) Abraham Lincoln Marovitz Public Interest Law Scholarship.

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September 9, 2016

Sun-Times Fellowship Recipients Selected

Congratulations to the outstanding legal aid attorneys selected to receive the 2016 CBF Sun-Times Public Interest Law Fellowship:

  • Lesley Arizmendi, Equip for Equality
  • Adrian Barr, Prairie State Legal Services
  • Graham Bowman, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless
  • Virginia Torres, Life Span
  • Samoane Williams, First Defense Legal Aid
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October 16, 2015

Supporting Talented Attorneys in Public Interest

Fellowships awarded to legal aid attorneys and a scholarship to a law student allow them to pursue meaningful careers in public service and continue serving the most vulnerable

On October 14, the CBF presented the 2015 CBF Sun-Times Public Interest Law Fellowships to five legal aid attorneys and the 2015 CBF Abraham Lincoln Marovitz Public Interest Law Scholarship to a law student who plans to pursue a career in public service. These programs aim to help alleviate financial concerns and make it more manageable for these exceptional attorneys to continue their careers in legal aid. In doing so, the CBF helps ensure that the most vulnerable people in our community have access to the protections of our justice system.

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November 25, 2014

Helping Dedicated Advocates Serve Others

CBF Report November 2014

Helping Dedicated Advocates Serve Others

Ensuring equal access to justice in our community starts with dedicated advocates pursuing and remaining in careers in legal aid and public service. One of the CBF’s key priorities is to address the growing financial hurdles facing legal aid lawyers in our community, who are increasingly finding that a career in legal aid and public interest law is simply untenable from an economic standpoint. Lawyers graduating today typically have mortgage-sized law school debt while working for relatively modest salaries at pro bono and legal aid organizations. Thanks to a number of generous donors, the CBF has created several considerable fellowship and scholarship programs to help make it possible for committed attorneys to carry out this important work amidst what can be significant financial challenges and, in doing so, help ensure that the most vulnerable people in our community have access to the protections of our justice system.

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