Advocacy Resources

You can also find more information about members of each of these bodies at the links below:

Federal Legislative Resources

There are several great resources to learn more about Congress and bills and legislation Congress is working on at any given time, including:

State Legislative Resources

It is easy to learn more about the Illinois General Assembly, including the members of the House and Senate and their legislative schedules, and to track state bills and legislation on the Illinois General Assembly Website.

County Legislative Resources

You can learn more about the County Board and its proceedings at the links below:

Issues Fact Sheets

The CBF works with the CBA and ISBA and other partners to prepare fact sheets on some of the key issues we are working on, including:

Tips Sheets

There are a few easy tips to remember when contacting your legislators to make it the most productive exchange for all concerned.  A few good resources include:

Messaging Resources

Some recent research provides helpful guidance on speaking to legislators and the general public about access to justice issues:

The Chicago Bar Association Legislative Webpage

The CBF works closely with the CBA on advocacy.  If you are a CBA member, you can learn more about the CBA’s legislative program and broader legislative agenda on the CBA legislative webpage.