Pricing Toolkit

for attorneys seeking to provide affordable and accessible services to everyday people

The billable hour is a barrier to accessing affordable legal services because it lacks transparency and predictability. The average legal consumer is on a budget and needs to understand what solution to their legal problem they can afford. The billable hour does not allow the consumer to make this determination. At the same time, more lawyers are seeking to move away from the billable hour for the reasons described in the Pricing Toolkit, but understandably need guidance on how to do so.

The first version of the Pricing Toolkit launched in 2016 and was developed because the CBF discovered in the early stages of the Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP) there was a dearth of practice resources for lawyers serving the consumer market and seeking to price their services using fee arrangements other than the billable hour. Through our JEP attorneys and others, the CBF has learned a lot since 2016 and the Pricing Toolkit is a compilation of those learnings.

This version of the Pricing Toolkit is a collaboration between The Chicago Bar Foundation and A Different Practice (ADP). Helping lawyers learn how to price based on value instead of time is a core strategy for both the CBF and ADP to increase access to justice and promote a healthier, more sustainable practice of law.

The Pricing Toolkit contains the following resources:

  • 4-Step Framework & Worksheet
  • Value Pyramid Worksheet
  • Fee Arrangement Matrix
  • Sample Process Maps
  • Engagement Agreement Checklist
  • Sample Engagement Agreement Clauses
  • Additional resources for further reading

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