Pricing for Access to Justice

March 21, 2016

CBF and JEP Release New Toolkit

The CBF and our Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP) today released a new Pricing Toolkit that provides practical guidance for lawyers on pricing legal services to be more affordable and accessible for regular people.

One of the core principles for the JEP program and JEP lawyers is to make legal assistance more affordable and transparent to low and moderate income people by offering fixed fees and flexible representation options to potential clients. The toolkit came about after the CBF discovered in the early stages of the JEP program there was a dearth of practical resources for lawyers serving the consumer market who seek to price their services by using arrangements other than the billable hour.

Thanks to a dedicated team effort of partners, volunteers, and staff, this new toolkit is “Version 1.0” to help JEP lawyers and other lawyers who are interested in pricing their services to be more affordable and transparent. The toolkit also contains a two page summary “matrix” that provides a brief overview of various alternative pricing options that can be effective in the consumer market.

We encourage all lawyers serving the consumer market to use the toolkit as a resource, and invite your feedback as we strive to make this an even better resource going forward. A more advanced version of the toolkit will include an appendix with sample forms and templates.

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