The CBF Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP) Training Digest

The CBF Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP) Training Digest details the JEP’s comprehensive training program focused on launching socially conscious law practices and innovative business that offer valuable, cost-effective legal services and products to consumers of all incomes.

The JEP offers these trainings exclusively to participants in the 18-month legal incubator program and invited guests. The curriculum includes core innovation topics such as value-based pricing, how to unbundle legal services, and leveraging technology to improve client engagement and efficiency, as well as key fundamentals such as customer service, business development, and finance and operations. The Training Digest also includes a checklist and timeline of tasks to start and grow a JEP law firm.

For more information about the JEP Training Digest and curriculum, please contact the Director of the JEP, Samoane Williams, at 312.546.9970 or