Other Support for Grantees

other support for grantees

Consistent financial support is critical to enabling the CBF’s grantee organizations┬áto continue doing the important work they do, but the CBF also recognizes the importance of providing other types of support to these organizations and their staffs. These include:

Enhanced Training Opportunities

The CBF invites staff at grantee organizations to participate in free training programs offered through the CBF Legal Aid Academy, an innovative pro bono program designed to improve training and professional development opportunities for legal aid attorneys and staff.

As part of the Legal Aid Academy, the CBF pays for the CBA membership and CLE Advantage membership for each staff attorney working at one of our grantee organizations. These memberships, which the CBA offers at a reduced rate, are offered in partnership with the CBA. Learn more…

Technical Assistance

The CBF provides technical assistance and training on best practices on common issues and collective challenges facing pro bono and legal aid organizations such as governance, management, and program evaluation.

Pro Bono Assistance

The CBF provides assistance to grantee organizations in engaging members of the private bar in pro bono efforts, including training on best practices, support, and technical assistance. Learn more…

Advocacy Support

The CBF advocates at the federal, state, and local levels to improve access to the courts and advance government funding for legal aid and implementation of policies that support and advance equal access to justice. Learn more…