Apply for a CBF Grant

Organizational Support Grants

The CBF’s Organizational Support grants provide consistent general operating support to effective, well-managed organizations in the Chicago area that are working to improve access to justice for significant numbers of low-income and disadvantaged people in Cook County. Among other requirements, to be eligible to receive an Organizational Support grant, an organization must have at least one licensed attorney on staff (absent exceptional circumstances) and the organization’s work must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Direct Legal Services: The organization provides direct legal services, which is defined to include advice, brief services, and/or extended legal representation.
  • Advocacy: The organization works to increase access to justice through impact litigation and/or policy reform efforts.
  • Legal Information and Resources: The organization provides extensive, interactive online and print information and resources to people without lawyers to help them navigate the legal system and better understand their legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Court-Based Mediation: The organization provides court-based mediation services in partnership with the court.
The CBF currently is not accepting applications for Organizational Support grants.
As reference only, you may read the 2022 Organizational Support Grant Guidelines for information regarding the previous eligibility and the application process.
Special Project Grants

The CBF awards Special Project grants to support innovative projects that make the justice system more user-friendly and accessible for those in need, including court-based advice or help desks and pro bono projects.

The CBF currently is not accepting applications for new Special Project grants.

For more information about CBF grants, contact Melanie MacBride at 312.554.1206 or