Your Money

While you can make a tremendous impact through your time and influence, your financial support for the cause is equally critical. Illinois Supreme Court Rule 756 requiring lawyers to report both monetary contributions and pro bono hours in the annual ARDC registration process underscores that providing financial support for legal aid and related access to justice initiatives is an essential corollary to your pro bono and other backing for the cause.

There are three complementary ways your financial support plays an integral role in advancing the cause:

Support Your Foundation

The CBF is your foundation, the one place where you can come together with your colleagues from throughout the legal community and make a collective impact that none of us could on our own. The CBF is your resource and support for pro bono and related access to justice issues, your powerful collective voice on these issues, and your innovation lab for new pro bono and access to justice initiatives. And it is donors like you who make the CBF’s work possible.

Learn more about the many ways you can support the CBF

Support the Annual Investing in Justice Campaign

The Campaign takes place every March and is the one place you can support the entire pro bono and legal aid system serving our community with one gift. 100% of your individual contribution to the Campaign goes directly to support a network of dozens of outstanding pro bono and legal aid organizations in the Chicago area through CBF grants.

Learn more about the Campaign and how you can contribute

Support Individual Pro Bono and Legal Aid Organizations

Our community’s pro bono and legal aid organizations rely on generous individual donors like you to directly support their work as well. Another integral way you advance the larger cause is by supporting organizations where you are involved as a volunteer or that have missions that are personally meaningful to you.

Learn more about the many outstanding pro bono and legal aid organizations serving our community

If you have questions or would like additional information about how you can advance the cause through your financial contributions, contact Emme Veenbaas at 312.554.1247 or