Your Influence

Your influence is the final major asset you possess to make the justice system more fair and accessible for all. Your influence makes an impact both individually and in the strong collective voice you make possible through the CBF on larger policy issues in government, the courts, and the media.

As lawyers and legal professionals, we all have influence that takes many different forms, and there are three overarching ways you can use that influence to advance this cause:

In the Legislative and Policymaking Process

Lawyers and legal professionals need to use our individual and collective influence to lead the charge in making the case that government bears the primary responsibility for ensuring equal access to justice, one of our nation’s most fundamental principles. While some of us have more influence than others in the legislative and policymaking process, we all can make a difference in reaching out to our elected officials on these issues and it’s very easy to do so. After all, if we as a legal community don’t take the lead in raising these issues, who will?

You can learn more about some of the key access to justice issues the CBF has identified and how you can make a difference by subscribing to the CBF’s newsletter, and following the CBF on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

In the Courts

Another place you have particular influence as a lawyer, and in many cases as a legal professional as well, is in the courts.

One way you can use that influence when there are opportunities to do so is to advocate for cy pres awards to support the CBF and other pro bono and legal aid organizations—find more information and resources about how you can play that role. Another way you can advance the cause is by advocating for court policies that make the system more user-friendly and accessible for people without lawyers.

In Your Personal Networks

A third significant way you can use your influence to make the justice system more fair and accessible for all is by being an ambassador in your personal networks. Just a few examples include serving as a Vice Chair for a law firm or organization in the annual Investing in Justice Campaign, promoting access to justice among your colleagues, or encouraging your firm or company’s business partners to provide support for access to justice.

If you have questions or would like additional information about how you can use your influence to advance the cause, contact CBF Executive Director Bob Glaves at 312.554.1205 or