2013 – Debby Knoblock Brown

Debby Knockblock BrownDebby Knoblock Brown began her legal career at the East St. Louis, Illinois office of Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation (LOLLAF), where she continues to work today. Currently, Debby is a senior staff attorney in LOLLAF’s Legal Help for Homeowners Project. Her work includes representing clients on a wide range of homeownership matters, including foreclosure, consumer fraud, predatory lending practices, and bankruptcy. Debby is drawn to housing issues because she believes that habitable, affordable housing is a fundamental need for which there is a significant shortage. And she has truly made a difference in addressing the foreclosure crisis. During her time at LOLLAF, Debby has provided critical litigation services and loss mitigation work to help hundreds of homeowners save their homes. She also has been deeply involved in the planning and implementation of expanding LOLLAF’s foreclosure work through a grant received from the Office of the Illinois Attorney General. Additionally, due to her expertise in this area, Debby has been involved in submitting public comments on proposed federal and state rules that would impact homeowners and assisting with the drafting of foreclosure mediation rules in the Twentieth Judicial Circuit.

In addition to Debby’s passion for public interest law, her background in accounting and finance has greatly benefited her homeownership work at LOLLAF. During college and for a year following graduation, Debby worked in the accounting field. She then attended law school at Washington University School of Law, graduating in 2007. While in law school, Debby was on law review and was a member of the Public Interest Law Group, First-Year Orientation Steering Committee, and Women’s Law Caucus. She also participated in the law school’s Criminal Justice Clinic and dedicated two summers to public interest internships, including the Missouri State Public Defender and Legal Services of Eastern Missouri.

As a result of her extraordinary efforts and accomplishments advocating for low-income individuals and families, Debby was awarded a CBF Sun-Times Public Interest Law Fellowship in 2013, a financial award that will help meet her law school loan obligations. “I am very grateful to the Chicago Bar Foundation and honored to receive this Fellowship. I have personal experience with financial struggles, so my work at Land of Lincoln is very personal and meaningful to me. I am proud to work for Land of Lincoln and proud to be a legal aid attorney.”