2012 – Catherine Alin

Catherine AlinCatherine Alin has been a staff attorney at LAF since 2004. She currently represents clients in pre-decree and post-decree divorce cases through LAF’s Children and Family Practice Group and Family Law Project. Most of Catherine’s cases involve clients who are attempting to dissolve long-term marriages and need assistance securing a fair distribution of marital assets and income. Catherine conducts extensive investigations and discovery in these cases, which often involve complex financial issues. A number of her clients are survivors of domestic violence, many of whom are seeking help to retain or regain custody of their children. Catherine’s critical legal advice and representation help her clients and their children achieve personal safety and financial stability.

Catherine’s desire to serve as a public interest attorney began in college when she took a course in “Women and the Law” at the University of Washington. This class introduced her to the idea of legal reform as an avenue for and companion to societal changes. Soon after, Catherine began her legal studies at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, where she was a founding member of the Public Interest Law Student Association. Following graduation, Catherine worked for nearly two years at the Administration for Children’s Services in Brooklyn, New York before returning home to Chicago to work at LAF.

As a result of her extraordinary efforts and accomplishments advocating for low-income individuals and families, Catherine was awarded a CBF Sun-Times Public Interest Law Fellowship in 2012, a financial award that will help meet her law school loan obligations. “I am deeply grateful to the selection committee for choosing me as one of this year’s recipients. This fellowship will allow me to continue my work on behalf of low-income families and support my own family while doing it.”