2012 – Amy Sample

Amy SampleAmy Sample has worked in Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc.’s (LOLLAF) East St. Louis, Illinois office since she graduated from law school in 2006. Amy began her career at LOLLAF as the Domestic Violence attorney based at the Unified Domestic Violence Courtroom in St. Clair County, where she daily represented victims of domestic abuse who were seeking orders of protection against their abusers. She worked closely with domestic violence advocates, Assistant State’s Attorneys, and the court to ensure that each victim received comprehensive services.

Although Amy found this work very rewarding, she decided to branch out into a different role that would have a broader impact on the fight to ensure access to justice for all. In 2011, Amy transitioned into the role of Development Associate at LOLLAF. By managing grants, handling public relations, and assisting with the development of new strategic priorities, Amy is providing essential development services that help LOLLAF develop and sustain support to effectively advocate for its clients. This role also has given Amy the opportunity to mentor attorneys and participate in several program-wide committees and task forces.

Amy graduated magna cum laude from Bowling Green State University with a degree in music. She was the first member of her family to receive a college degree. While in law school at Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, she participated in the Civil Justice Clinic and interned at LOLLAF, which cemented her desire to dedicate her career to public interest. Upon graduation, Amy was awarded the Equal Justice Works Award for her demonstrated commitment to public interest law.

As a result of her extraordinary efforts and accomplishments advocating for victims of domestic abuse and performing critical development functions, Amy was awarded a CBF Sun-Times Public Interest Law Fellowship in 2012, a financial award that will help meet her law school loan obligations. “I am very grateful to the Chicago Bar Foundation for this Fellowship. I love my work at Land of Lincoln, and this award will allow me to continue in this rewarding career while easing the burden of my staggering student loan debt.”