2013 – Daniel M. Hochbaum

Daniel HochbaumDaniel Hochbaum is an Equal Justice Works Fellow with Equip for Equality’s Special Education Clinic. At Equip for Equality, Daniel established the Learning Disabilities Project, which provides direct legal representation, self-advocacy education and outreach to Chicago’s low-income children with learning disabilities and their families. Through this Project, Daniel has successfully represented students in Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings and obtained appropriate services to assist students with the fundamental skills of reading, writing and math. In just the first few months of his fellowship, Daniel has assisted over 60 families in securing better and more appropriate special education services for their children and has taught hundreds of families about their legal rights.

Daniel’s desire to practice special education law stemmed from his own experience as a student with a learning disability. Daniel faced challenges related to his disability at each stage of his education from elementary school through the law school admission process. Despite these obstacles, Daniel graduated from McGill University with great distinction, and graduated magna cum laude from Loyola University Chicago School of Law in 2012. Equip for Equality staff praise his enthusiasm and commitment to clients, noting that “because of Daniel’s past experiences, he has an unparalleled connection with and dedication to these students.”

Daniel’s passion and perseverance is truly inspiring. With the Anderson Fellowship, Daniel will be in a better position to continue providing these important services to children with learning disabilities so that they achieve educational success and realize their dreams.