2015 – Candace Moore

Moore, CandaceCandace Moore, a 2013 graduate of Loyola University Chicago School of Law, is a staff attorney at Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (CLCCRUL). As an intern at CLCCRUL during law school and later as a volunteer, Candace helped establish the organization’s Education Equity Project, which she continues to focus her work on today. This project protects and promotes access to education by addressing the individual and systemic barriers that disproportionately impact disadvantaged communities. Candace provides crucial legal services to youth so they can maintain or regain access to educational services when they are in jeopardy. Her work includes tackling the “school-to-prison pipeline” and addressing Chicago’s high expulsion rates, which feed the growing number of incarcerated youth.

Candace’s deep commitment to public interest work was fueled by her own trials and triumphs as well as by her personal connection to the community she serves. Growing up in humble surroundings, Candace’s mother instilled in her the importance of education and to keep moving forward despite obstacles life may put in your way. Sadly, her mother passed away when she was a sophomore in college, and at the age of 19, Candace found herself in a two-year custody battle over her two younger sisters. Eventually, she was granted custody, but this experience gave life to her mother’s lessons and compelled her to not only go to law school, but to fight for the opportunities of others.

Candace is doing just that. On top of successfully raising her two sisters, Candace has advocated for scores of youth, making sure their voices are heard and that they have the same opportunities she did. In Candace’s own words, “I want to use my privilege as a young lawyer to make a difference. For me, this work is more than an opportunity to do good; it is an opportunity to fulfill my responsibility to be a part of the solution.” Candace’s passion and perseverance are truly inspiring, and the Anderson Fellowship will enable her to continue pursuing the work she loves while being part of the solution in our legal aid community.