Fellowships, Scholarships & Internships

Without the Anderson Fellowship there would have been no way for me to continue working in legal aid for as long as I have… Thank you for everything you have done to make serving in the public interest a viable career choice for so many of us!
Miguel Keberlein, 2007 CBF Anderson Fellow
Miguel Keberlein

Enabling dedicated law students and lawyers to pursue and remain in careers in legal aid is one of the core elements of the CBF’s larger strategy to ensure equal access to justice in our community. Thanks to our generous donors, the CBF has created a number of scholarship and fellowship programs designed to help make it possible for committed attorneys to pursue their chosen line of work despite the often overwhelming financial challenges due to skyrocketing levels of law school debt.

By providing significant scholarship funding and loan forgiveness assistance, the CBF has made it more manageable for over 100 inspiring public interest and legal aid attorneys to pursue and continue their important work to make our justice system more fair and efficient for everyone.