2012 – Catherine Alin

Catherine Alin has been a staff attorney at LAF since 2004. She currently represents clients in pre-decree and post-decree divorce cases through LAF’s Children and Family Practice Group and Family Law Project. Most of Catherine’s cases involve clients who are attempting to dissolve long-term marriages and need assistance securing a fair distribution of marital assets and income.

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2012 – Sarah Baum

At the time she received the fellowship in 2012, Sarah Baum was a staff attorney at LAF, where she had worked since graduating from DePaul University College of Law in 2008. An attorney in the Immigrants and Workers’ Rights Practice Group, Sarah brought claims in federal and state court on behalf of individuals…

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2012 – Adela Carlin

Adela Carlin began her legal career at LAF, where she still works today. She currently serves as the Director of LAF’s innovative Community Engagement Unit (CEU), which was built upon a model Adela had employed in her casework. The CEU is charged with mobilizing outreach and working with community organizations throughout LAF’s service area…

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2012 – Jill Roberts

Jill Roberts joined Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA) as a staff attorney in 2010. Notably, she began her work at CGLA in 2006 as a law student intern, and it was that experience that solidified her plan to become a legal aid attorney. Having fulfilled her dream, Jill currently holds a unique position with dual roles in CGLA’s family law and criminal records programs.

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2012 – Amy Sample

Amy Sample has worked in Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc.’s (LOLLAF) East St. Louis, Illinois office since she graduated from law school in 2006. Amy began her career at LOLLAF as the Domestic Violence attorney based at the Unified Domestic Violence Courtroom in St. Clair County, where she daily represented victims of domestic abuse…

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2011 – Colleen Boraca, AIDS Legal Council

Daniel Contreras, Equip for Equality

Kathleen Finn, Prairie State Legal Services

Keri McGuire, Life Span

Sarah O’Connor-Linares, Health & Disability Advocates

2010 – Amany Ezeldin, Life Span

Mariangela Monteiro, Equip for Equality

Ryann Katherine Moran, Uptown People’s Law Center

Melissa Staas, Family Defense Center

Monica Torres-Linares, Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago

2009 – Jill Becker, Illinois Legal Aid Online

Kevin Patrick Curran, Life Span

Stephanie Hiebert, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation

Beth Johnson, Cabrini Green Legal Aid

Claudia Valenzuela, National Immigrant Justice Center

2008 – Hilda Bahena, Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago

Peter Bibler, Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago

Rachel Shapiro, Equip for Equality

Stacey Tutt, Prairie State Legal Services, Inc.

Debra Wysong, Equip for Equality

2007 – Zenaida Alonzo, Chicago Legal Advocacy to Incarcerated Mothers (CLAIM)

Janel Freeman, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation

Julie Harcum, Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago

Rachel Heaston, Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago

Kathryn Socha, Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago

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