Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Campaign?
What is the Investing in Justice Campaign?
Why is the Campaign necessary?
How much need is there for pro bono and legal aid services in our community?
Who are the people who depend on our community’s pro bono and legal aid organizations?
Why is it called “Investing in Justice”?
Why is this so important right now?
How will my contribution make a difference?
I support a lot of other good causes, why should I also support the Campaign?
I already contribute generously to the CBF. Why should I also support the Campaign?
How will my contribution to the Campaign make a difference?
Why shouldn’t I just donate directly to one of the organizations supported by the Campaign?
I already do pro bono work, isn’t that enough?
How will the CBF use my contribution to the Campaign?
How is it that 100% of my individual contribution goes directly to provide this support?
How does the CBF decide where and how the Campaign funds are distributed?
What kinds of CBF grants are made possible by the Campaign?
How does the CBF decide which organizations receive grants with the Campaign funds?
How broad is the impact of the work supported by the Campaign?
Can I designate my Campaign contribution to support a particular organization?
Questions about Tax-Deductibility, Reporting and Acknowledgement
Is my contribution tax-deductible?
Does my contribution count as a qualifying contribution when I’m filling out my ARDC registration form?
Will I receive a formal acknowledgement of my contribution?
Will anyone else be informed about my Campaign donation?
How do you recognize your donors?
Where can I find out more about the Campaign?