Take Action: Support LSC Funding in Face of Critical Need

The COVID-19 pandemic has already increased the need for help with the everyday legal issues that the organizations funded by the Legal Services Corporation (LSC) assist with, including evictions, unemployment, access to healthcare, scams aimed at the elderly, and domestic violence. With other major funding sources under severe stress at state and local levels at the same time that more people than ever will be in need of legal help, increased funding for LSC is more important than ever. Join us in thanking your legislators for their support of LSC funding and advocating for an increase in LSC funding to support much needed relief during this crisis. 

About Our Legislative Advocacy Work

The CBF works with members of our legal community and a number of partner organizations to educate legislators and government officials about the need for federal, state and local policies and legislation to ensure the justice system is fair and accessible for all. Questions or suggestions about the CBF’s advocacy work? Always feel free to contact Angela Inzano at ainzano@chicagobar.org or 312-554-4952.