Take Action: Increase Access to Justice for Veterans

May 15, 2015

HB 3933 is a technical amendment to the 2013 Access to Justice Act, which passed and was signed into law with broad bipartisan support. The Access to Justice Act created a pilot program to develop and support a much-needed hotline and network of legal assistance to help thousands of Veterans and military families in need throughout the state.  This innovative new program already has been touted as a potential national model for providing critical legal services to the men and women who have served our country. HB 3933, which already passed the House by unanimous vote, would allow these important pilot programs to proceed by changing the entity that oversees the Act’s programs and making other technical changes. Read more€¦


Take Action!

Please join in our efforts to increase access to justice for veterans. HB 3933 has successfully cleared the House and is now before the Senate. Please contact your Illinois State Senator and ask them to support HB 3933. Phone calls, emails and letters (a personalized letter is best) are all effective and can go a long way. See our advocacy resources webpage for tips on contacting elected officials.

UPDATE: HB 3933 has successfully passed the Senate. Please contact Governor Rauner and ask him to sign this important bill into law.