Recent Cy Pres Awards Support Continued Innovation in Access to Courts

Cy pres awards have made possible a number of successful court-based projects and other innovative initiatives over the past several years by providing the seed funding and enabling the CBF to provide ongoing support for these efforts. As one notable example, these awards have made it possible for the CBF to launch and help provide the ongoing funding for a growing network of advice desks in the state and federal courts.

We are grateful to the following lawyers and firms for their leadership in helping to direct awards to the CBF over the past six months:

Alex Burke, Burke Law Offices LLC

Carol Gilden, Cohen Millstein

Keith Keogh and Tim Sostrin, Keogh Law, Ltd.

Jim Schultz, Sessions Fishman Nathan & Israel, L.L.C.

Jason Knapp and Ron Peterson, Jenner & Block LLP

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