New Illinois Judicial Conference Will Look to the Future of Illinois Courts

CBF Executive Director Bob Glaves and CBF Board Member Justice Mary K. Rochford are among the Illinois Supreme Court’s appointees to the newly constituted Illinois Judicial Conference.  Glaves and Rochford are among 29 members (15 judges and 14 non-judges), with Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier serving as Chair, who will be tasked with creating and implementing the first long-term strategic agenda for the Illinois Court System.

Recent amendments to Supreme Court Rule 41 are designed to make the new Judicial Conference a smaller, more active, and more engaged group. “The courts operate in a world of ever-advancing technology, rapidly changing social and political norms, shifting demographics and economic uncertainty,” Justice Karmeier said. “If the judicial branch is to deliver on its promise of equal justice under the law, it is critical that we move forward as well. This Strategic Agenda will help us anticipate and prepare for the future.

The CBF is honored to be part of this work planning for the future of the Illinois Courts. The work of the new Judicial Conference dovetails with the CBF’s work to make the courts more user-friendly, fair, and accessible for everyone in our community, particularly the growing number of people without lawyers.

More information about the IJC and a full list of members is available on the Illinois Courts website.