Much to Celebrate at the JEP

It has been an exciting month over at the CBF Justice Entrepreneurs Project as we celebrated the graduation of its 14th cohort of participants and welcomed our 17th cohort of participants. We are excited to welcome four enthusiastic attorneys into the JEP family, and we are proud of our newly minted alumni and the practices they have built.

The new graduates include Brian Nelligan, Sussethe Renteria, and Kate Gordon Eller. All three have built socially conscious and innovative businesses targeting people of all incomes in the Chicago area. Nelligan Law, LLC is dedicated to providing exceptional service at an affordable price for people dealing with estate planning, probate, and real estate matters throughout the Chicagoland area. Renteria Legal, LLC is committed to furnishing legal representation to the underrepresented community and protecting their livelihood by providing criminal defense in Cook County. Flynn Gordon Law is dedicated to providing collaborative, holistic legal services to children, individuals, and families in the areas of child law, family law, and civil rights.  

On June 7th, the JEP also welcomed our seventeenth cohort into the program. These four attorneys— Lee Ayers, Amanda Carey, Daniel Johnson, and Aaron Korson—are eager to start innovative, socially conscious firms focused on helping people of all incomes access affordable legal help and tackling the immense challenges and needs created by COVID-19. The new JEPers join over 60 attorneys currently in the JEP Network.

A recent trend continues at the JEP with three of the four attorneys building practices focused on criminal defense. Lee Ayers and Daniel Johnson will be focusing solely on criminal defense and criminal records work, while Amanda Carey is also focusing on family law. All three attorneys will be starting a pro bono residency at a CBF partner organization or firm offering similar services soon.

Our fourth new JEP lawyer, Aaron Korson, has launched a family and immigration practice and will be doing his pro bono residency at Chicago Volunteer Legal Services

Please say hello to our new participants when you have a chance and wish them well. Lastly, if you know anyone who needs high quality, affordable legal assistance in the Chicago area, please consider referring them to our growing JEP network!