Meet Faith Pincus, Founder & CEO of Pincus Professional Education

FaithPincusOnce we leave law school, it doesn’t take long for most attorneys to realize just how much we don’t know. And, for most of us, that feeling never really goes away because, no matter how long you’ve worked as an attorney there is still a lot you don’t know.

Faith Pincus, founder and CEO of Pincus Professional Education, has made it her job to help all attorneys, including those working at legal service programs, learn essential practical skills. She built her brainchild, Pincus Professional Education, into a leading CLE company that provides high quality legal education including skills and strategy training for attorneys at all levels.

Pincus’ CLE programs aren’t law in the theoretical sense, but law in the this is how it works in Cook County and the 7th Circuit sense. Taught by top-notch Chicago-area attorneys and judges, these programs teach attorneys what they need to know to be successful at their craft. This is high quality programming that legal services attorneys need and want, but is usually far beyond the reach of legal aid organizations.

However, thanks to Faith Pincus, these first-class programs are also available to those of us who sit in coach. Working closely with the CBF’s Legal Aid Academy, Pincus sets aside five free seats at every Chicago area program for legal aid attorneys. Standard practice. Every program. Legal aid attorneys who miss out on those free seats get reduced admission.

Pincus has offered pro bono seats for years, and, because they run 6 to 8 seminars in Chicago each year, a lot of our colleagues have reaped the benefits. Pincus is a leading contributor to the Legal Aid Academy, created by The Chicago Bar Foundation to meet core training and professional development needs of Chicago area legal aid attorneys.

Why does Faith Pincus donate these valuable educational programs to Chicago’s legal services community? To give back. As an attorney, she knows the value of excellent communication and practical litigation skills. She also knows that her programs are beyond the reach of most legal service programs. By providing free spots to legal aid attorneys, Faith gives back to her profession and her community.

Faith believes in the magic of three for presentations because studies have shown that people will remember three points. Here are three points for today:

  1. Pincus Professional Education provides high-quality practical legal education.
  2. Pincus provides Chicago legal aid attorneys with free and reduced admission to its programming.
  3. Thanks to Pincus, Chicago legal aid attorneys can provide better services to their clients.

This is a message that every legal services attorney can remember.


[heading size=”12″]Over 30 Legal Aid Attorneys Have Already Attended High-Quality Trainings in 2014,
Courtesy of Pincus Professional Education

Thanks to the generosity of Faith Pincus and Pincus Professional Education, over 30 legal aid attorneys have had the opportunity to attend a top-notch training at no cost or reduced cost so far in 2014.

  • Depos: Mastering the Deposition: A Critical Skills Workshop (02/21/14)
  • Jury Selection (04/25/14)
  • Presentation Skills Workshop: Your Audience Will Hang on Every Word (05/08/2014)
  • Fed Court Boot Camp Conference (5th Annual): Learn the Do’s & Don’ts (05/09/14)

Here is what two participants had to say about the Deposition Training:

The Legal Aid Academy has provided me with a great way to receive quality training that would otherwise be unavailable to legal aid attorneys. In the deposition program I obtained valuable knowledge on preparing witnesses, when to object, and the differences in federal and state court. I also got to network with fellow legal aid attorneys and learn from a couple of their experiences.

Great information and real case examples for new attorneys and a refresher course for more experienced attorneys from a wonderful panel of leading attorneys.

Thank you Faith and Pincus Professional Education for being such strong supporters of the Legal Aid Academy!