Life Fellows Laid Foundation for the CBF

As we continue to celebrate the CBF’s 70th Anniversary this year, we take pride in the fact that the CBF has long been a powerful force for good thanks to the strong support of Chicago’s legal community. That never would have happened, however, without the leadership and generous support of a number of dedicated individuals in the CBF’s early years who laid the groundwork for what the CBF is today.

Key among those early leaders were the many lawyers and other dedicated individuals who, beginning in 1963, made long-term financial commitments to the CBF’s mission through the CBF Life Fellows program. More than 700 CBF Life Fellows would answer that call over the next 50+ years, and the list includes some of the most prominent lawyers in our legal community over that time. These Life Fellows played a critical role in the CBF’s growth and impact by laying the foundation for a range of innovative programs that continue to improve access to justice in our community today.

The CBF closed the Life Fellows program to new members in 2016 as part of the launch of the new CBF Justice Society. We continue to honor our Life Fellows for their significant and lasting contributions to the CBF and the many thousands of people in our community who have been helped through the good work they made possible. The CBF would not be what it is today without the support of these dedicated individuals.