Federal Legal Aid Funding Gets a Bump

Thanks to the leadership and strong support from Illinois legislators led by Sens. Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk and Rep. Mike Quigley, the final 2015 appropriation for the federal government that was signed into law last month includes a modest increase in funding for the Legal Services Corporation (LSC), the entity through which federal funding for legal aid flows, and also meets the requested funding needs for the federal Judiciary.

Help us thank Sens. Durbin and Kirk, Rep. Quigley, and our other local members of Congress for their efforts to increase LSC funding and ensure adequate funding for the courts. A simple phone call or email thanking them goes a long way. See our advocacy resources for tips on contacting elected officials.

[row][column size=”1/3″]Sen. Durbin
(312) 353-4952[/column]

[column size=”1/3″]Sen. Kirk
(312) 886-3506[/column]

[column size=”1/3″]Rep. Quigley
(773) 267-5926[/column][/row]

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