CBF & JEP Pricing Toolkit Recognized by the ABA

The CBF and its Justice Entrepreneurs Project are being recognized by the ABA for the Pricing Toolkit. The Toolkit provides lawyers practical guidance on alternative pricing options to help them deliver value in a way that is more predictable, transparent and accessible for regular people. The Toolkit came about after the CBF discovered in the early stages of the JEP program that there was a dearth of practical resources for lawyers serving the consumer market who seek to price their services by using arrangements other than the billable hour.

The CBF and JEP project, along with two other programs, will receive the Meritorious Recognition award from the ABA Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services on February 4th during the ABA Midyear Meeting. The Sustainable Economies Law Center of Oakland, California will receive the ABA’s 2017 Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access.