JEP Has All the Moves

JEP moveWe are excited to announce that the CBF Justice Entrepreneurs Project has officially moved its headquarters to 73 W. Monroe, Suite 100. After a wonderful 6-year run in the lofty, heavy timber office space just west of Union Station, the JEP is keeping it moving and getting closer to the action in the Loop.

JEPers are now just a couple blocks from the state and federal courthouses, and almost all JEPers have shortened travel times between their legal aid residencies—JEPers spend 20 hours a week working pro bono for the first 6 months of the 18-month program— and the site of JEP’s robust training curriculum. JEPers are able to pop in and out of the office throughout the day, instead of making a special trip across town to JEP HQ 1.0, and clients have a myriad of public transportation options to access the new digs.

Though JEP HQ 2.0 has a slightly smaller footprint, it still features 3 conference rooms for JEP attorneys’ client meetings, a training room, an attorney lounge, a client waiting area, and two open coworking spaces in the JEP-only suite. Perhaps most exciting, the JEP has now joined an entrepreneurial community as a part of Novel Coworking. JEPers have full access to the coworking facilities at 73 W. Monroe, at 4 other Chicago offices, and at 30 other Novel offices across the country. Grabbing a (free!) coffee or (free!) beer in the shared space means rubbing elbows with other startup and nonprofit professionals. The energy is palpable!

We’re happy to show the space off to any visitors, and we hope you like JEP HQ 2.0 as much as we do!