Investing in Justice: Giving People the Peace of Mind They Deserve

Teresa, an older adult from Chicago’s Southwest side, initially came to the Center for Disability & Elder Law (CDEL) seeking assistance in obtaining guardianship of her adult son with autism. However, as she started the process with CDEL, she learned of the many other services she needed that the organization could provide her.

After successfully navigating the guardianship process with her son, Teresa received assistance from CDEL in getting a will and power of attorney for herself. This was a huge relief to Teresa as she now does not have to worry about burdening her family after she is gone: “It makes me feel at peace that if anything happens, I don’t have any loose ends and that everything is taken care of.  I wanted to make sure that if anything happens to me, my daughter and granddaughter can say, ‘Grandma took care of this.’”

Without organizations like CDEL, older adults like Teresa are often unaware of the legal services they are eligible for, and thus, are at a greater risk of having even more serious legal issues down the line. Through your support of the Investing in Justice Campaign, you can help clients like Teresa achieve the peace and happiness that come with knowing their legal issues are resolved.


Your Campaign in Action

  • In 2021, the Campaign made possible more than $2 million in grants and support for the work of more than 30 pro bono and legal aid organizations and related initiatives, helping tens of thousands of people in need like Teresa. 
  • Since 2007, the Campaign has raised more than $20 million, which has leveraged millions more in additional funding through the CBF’s Campaign grant process.


If you want to help people like Teresa, visit the CBF’s online Pro Bono Opportunities Guide to learn more about pro bono opportunities at CDEL.