Illinois JusticeCorps Seeking Fellowship Applications

justicecorps 2020

Going to court, whether in-person or remotely, can be an intimidating experience for people without lawyers. Being able to receive reliable and accurate information about the system is crucial and has become even more true with the ongoing changes to the court process necessitated by the pandemic. Illinois JusticeCorps, which the CBF originally pioneered and continues to be a lead partner today, is a critical point of access to court information and guidance for people without lawyers in the Circuit Court.

Illinois JusticeCorps is an innovative AmeriCorps service program that recruits, trains, and supervises recent college graduates and current college students to provide legal information, procedural guidance, and resource referrals to people coming into the system on their own. This program provides a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the court system, build professional skills, and give back to the community.

JusticeCorps is currently looking for applicants for full-time fellowship positions for the upcoming program year, August 2022 through August 2023. Fellows receive a living stipend and other benefits typical of full-time employment as well as an education award upon successful completion of the program. Applications will be accepted and offers will be made on a rolling basis from now until June 10, 2022.

For questions or to apply, please contact Mercedes Boykin at or (312) 736-1780.