Take Action: Strengthen Civics Education in Illinois

March 20, 2015

On February 27, Rep. Deborah Conroy introduced House Bill 4025 to strengthen civics education in Illinois and to promote greater civic learning through a required civics course for all Illinois high school students. This bill was based on the recommendations of the Illinois Task Force on Civic Education, which was established by the legislature to study the status of civic education in Illinois and make recommendations on how to improve it. The findings of the Task Force showed a strong need to strengthen civic education in our state; Illinois is one of just ten states in the country that does not require a civics or government course to graduate from high school. The CBF supports this bill because it promotes greater understanding of the role and functioning of the justice system in our democracy, an important component of the CBF’s broader efforts to make the legal system more fair and accessible for people in need.


Take Action!

Please join us in the effort to strengthen civics education in Illinois by contacting your member of the Illinois House and asking them to support House Bill 4025. A personalized phone call, email or letter (a personalized letter is the preferred option when possible) are all effective and can go a long way. See our advocacy resources webpage for tips on contacting elected officials.

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