Congratulations to the Newest JEP Graduates!

The CBF Justice Entrepreneurs Project celebrated the graduation of the May 2020 cohort, the 15th cohort of participants to successfully complete the 18-month program. The graduates include Ashley Rodriguez, Seth McCormick, and Kimber Russell. All three have built socially conscious law firms and innovative businesses that strive to offer valuable, cost-effective legal services and products to consumers of all incomes.

Second Chance Law, LLC assists clients who have become entangled in the criminal system, are facing hardship due to previous cannabis convictions, or have been cited for traffic violations.

Great Lakes Consumer Law Firm, LLC serves consumers and small businesses in cases brought by banks, lenders, debt collectors and other creditors. 

Vanguard Advocates, LLP serves people facing the criminal justice system and domestic relations issues.

We are proud of our newly minted alumni and the practices they have built. They join a growing network of dedicated lawyers providing accessible and cost-effective legal services to our community.

If you know people or small businesses looking for high quality, cost-effective legal assistance, the JEP network is a great resource.