Celebrating Innovation in the Delivery of Legal Services Through the Justice Entrepreneurs Project

The CBF’s Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP) celebrated its 7th Annual JEPY Awards and marked the program’s 10th Anniversary at Jenner & Block LLP earlier this month. The JEP is a legal incubator program empowering lawyers to launch socially conscious and innovative law practices serving everyday people that is often cited as a model for legal innovation in the United States and beyond.

The JEPY Awards celebrate JEP attorneys’ accomplishments in innovation, marketing, and client service. This year’s event also recognized the program’s 10 years of cultivating a community of legal entrepreneurs in Chicago making their services accessible and affordable for everyone.

This year’s Awards honored nine inspiring lawyers and law firms in the following categories:

Are you a legal entrepreneur looking for support and community in Chicago? Look no further.

The JEP is recruiting our January 2024 class of participants. The JEP is an incubator empowering lawyers to lead socially conscious law firms and innovative businesses that offer valuable, cost-effective legal services and products to consumers of all incomes.

The JEP facilitates an 18-month program providing business development training, substantive legal training with pro bono partners, business coaching, mentorship, and heavily discounted practice management resources including office space. Beyond the 18-month program, we offer a community of diverse attorneys who share the same values and approach to their practices.

Applications are due Friday, November 3, 2023. Find more details at  https://chicagobarfoundation.org/apply-to-the-jep-program/.