CBF Justice Entrepreneurs Project Featured in ABA’s Law Practice Magazine

We are proud to share that the CBF Justice Entrepreneurs Project is featured in the latest issue of the ABA’s Law Practice Magazine. In Meeting the Needs of the Middle Market, JEP Director Trevor Clarke focuses on how the JEP has grown and evolved in recent years to meet its goals of expanding access to affordable legal help for low- and moderate-income people by helping lawyers establish innovative, sustainable firms serving that population. The article discusses innovations the JEP employs, and how it shares lessons and resources to be a model for other incubators nationwide.

Though the foundational elements of the JEP the public’s legal need and the program’s desire to meet it remain largely unchanged, the JEP has evolved. Our incubator has added partners, added staff, adopted service standards, implemented a consumer-friendly online referral portal, connected with legal aid organizations to receive electronic referrals, tweaked and published our curriculum and grown our network of JEP firms to 50. Alumni of our 18-month program now help lead many of the weekly training sessions for newer participants, and for good reason: JEP participants and alumni are proving that successful businesses can be built serving the untapped middle market by using new practice models.

Read the full article at Law Practice.