Bills Up in Springfield on Wednesday

Take Action for Equal Justice Today!

Hearings are set this Wednesday, March 22nd in the Illinois House of Representatives for two of the CBF’s priority legislative initiatives this year:

  • In the House State Government Committee at 2pm in support of HB2591, a bill to reform the civil and criminal court fees and fines system in Illinois
  • In the House Civil Judiciary Committee at 8am in support of HB3359, a bill to simplify the law governing evictions in Illinois

Please take three minutes to fill out a virtual witness slip in support of each of these two bills.

Here are some pointers on filling out these virtual witness slips:

  • Fill out your identifying information using your work affiliation, if possible (if you cannot use your work affiliation please just list Self under firm, title, and representation)
  • Under Position, pick HCA1 and Proponent
  • Under Testimony, pick Record of Appearance Only

Democracy made easy!  Please submit virtual witness slips by Wednesday March 22nd at 7:45 am for HB3359 and 1:45pm for HB2591.

Thank you in advance for taking action to support access to justice. If you have questions or want more information on these bills you can check out our fact sheets, the full text and status of each bill, or you can email Angela Inzano at the CBF.