Ambitious New Strategic Plan to Guide Illinois Courts

Illinois Judicial Branch Strategic Agenda

The Illinois Supreme Court earlier this month formally released a comprehensive new Strategic Agenda for the Illinois Judicial Branch. The new plan, developed and approved by the Illinois Judicial Conference, sets a forward-looking agenda for the coming years with strong commitments to advancing access to justice and innovation among the centerpiece goals.

“The CBF commends the Court for its leadership and commitment to the ambitious goals in the new strategic agenda, and we are confident the CBF Strategic Plan complements and will continue to advance the larger goals outlined in the Court’s plan,” said CBF Executive Director Bob Glaves, who is also a member of the Illinois Judicial Conference.

As Chief Justice Karmeier eloquently put it in the introduction to the new plan: “If the courts are to continue to make good on the promise of equal justice under law in this new and challenging environment, we must be proactive. Waiting for problems to develop and then responding will no longer do. Rather, it is critical that we anticipate the difficulties ahead and prepare for them in a reasonable and coordinated way…”.

You can learn more about the new plan and Judicial Conference on the Supreme Court website.