A Partnership to Benefit All

More than 200 law firms, corporate law departments and other law-related businesses of all sizes in the Chicago area are vital partners with the CBF in the larger cause of ensuring the justice system is fair and accessible for everyone in our community.

These dedicated firms and companies provide core funding for the CBF’s work as well as a variety of other pro bono and in-kind support. Beyond the vast impact these partners are making through the CBF, their support also enables the CBF to serve as a central practice group for Chicago’s entire legal community on pro bono, legal aid, and access to justice issues. This enhances the ability of these firms and companies to make a direct impact through their pro bono work and related support for legal aid and other access to justice initiatives.

Thanks to the support of our law firm and corporate partners, the CBF has a team of nationally recognized lawyers on staff who collectively have decades of pro bono and access to justice experience and effectively serve as an on-call resource on these issues. Among other benefits, this gives law firms and companies of all sizes a central resource to develop and implement new pro bono programs; connect with other relevant firms, companies and entities on pro bono projects; and consult with expert staff when needed.

Through the CBF Investing in Justice Campaign and the grants process it makes possible, firms and companies have a solid mechanism to strategically support the entire pro bono and legal aid system serving the Chicago area. This process ensures accountability, and promotes best practices and coordination among the many great organizations serving our community.

Through the CBF, our firm and company partners get a powerful collective voice on larger policy issues with government, the courts, and the media, and a strong leader in the larger philanthropic community on these issues.

And finally, along with an effective vehicle to support proven solutions in the pro bono and legal aid system, our firm and company partners get the opportunity through the CBF to address the significant gaps in the system and tackle emerging issues impacting access to justice.

This unique partnership is making a real difference in improving access to justice. As we approach Thanksgiving, we give special thanks to our many dedicated law firm and corporate partners.