Justice John Paul Stevens Award

The Justice John Paul Stevens Award was conceived by Justice Stevens’ former law clerks, and was first presented in September of 2000. This award, given by The Chicago Bar Foundation and The Chicago Bar Association, honors Justice Stevens, a Chicago native, for his lifetime effort to improve the system of justice and his active participation and dedication to the CBA. The award is presented annually to attorneys who best exemplify the Justice’s commitment to integrity and public service in the practice of law.


Hon. Arnette R. Hubbard
Hon. Thomas R. Mulroy
Steven F. Pflaum
Lowell Sachnoff
Sandra S. Yamate

Karina Ayala-Bermejo
Anne L. Fredd
Chief Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer
Larry Suffredin
Hon. James E. Snyder

Marisel A. Hernandez
Terrence M. Murphy
Jennifer Nijman
Zaldwaynaka (ā€œZā€) Scott
Hon. E. Kenneth Wright Jr.

Hon. Sharon Johnson Coleman
Hon. Lori E. Lightfoot
Hon. William D. Maddux
Hon. Sheila M. Murphy
Joseph A. Power, Jr.
Mark L. Rotert

Laurel G. Bellows
Carol A. Brook
Kevin P. Durkin
John N. Gallo
Terri L. Mascherin
Hon. P. Scott Neville, Jr.
Hon. Jesse G. Reyes
Hon. Mary K. Rochford
Tina Tchen

Hon. Ruben Castillo
Robert A. Clifford
Hon. Nathaniel R. Howse, Jr.
Hon. Joan Humphrey Lefkow
Richard J. Prendergast
Larry R. Rogers, Sr.
Ronald S. Safer
Hon. Mary Jane Theis
Dan K. Webb

George B. Collins
Brian L. Crowe
Thomas A. Demetrio
Thomas Anthony Durkin
J. Timothy Eaton
Josie M. Gough
Joan M. Hall
Eileen M. Letts
Joseph L. Stone

Peter J. Birnbaum
James R. Figliulo
Edward I. Grossman
Hon. Shelvin Louise Marie Hall
Paula H. Holderman
Mary Meg McCarthy
Daniel E. Reidy
William A. Von Hoene, Jr.

Kimball R. Anderson
Hon. Joy V. Cunningham
Kevin M. Forde
Hon. Michael B. Hyman
Hon. Thomas L. Kilbride
Jean P. Kamp
Gordon B. Nash, Jr.
Kerry R. Peck

William F. Conlon
Hon. William H. Hooks
Hon. Warren D. Wolfson
Hon. Diane P. Wood

Anita Alvarez
Jeffrey D. Colman
Hon. Joan B. Gottschall
Thomas Z. Hayward, Jr.
Hon. James F. Holderman
Willie J. Miller, Jr.

Ellen E. Douglass
Patrick J. Fitzgerald
David C. Hilliard

Hon. Wayne R. Andersen
Hon. Sophia H. Hall

Hon. Marvin E. Aspen
Lawrence E. Kennon
Terence F. MacCarthy
Howard J. Trienens

Hon. Thomas R. Fitzgerald
John B. Simon
Hon. Ann C. Williams

Leon M. Despres
James D. Montgomery
Sheldon H. Roodman
Sr. Catherine M. Ryan

Hon. Anne M. Burke
Donald Hubert
Hon. Charles P. Kocoras
Thomas H. Morsch

George M. Burditt
Hon. Timothy C. Evans
Hon. Abner J. Mikva
Hon. Ilana Diamond Rovner

Martha Mills
George Overton
Hon. Seymour Simon

Hon. Joel M. Flaum
Hon. Earl E. Strayhorn
Hon. James R. Thompson

George Cotsorilos
Hon. Mary Ann McMorrow
Newton Minow

Hon. Richard J. Fitzgerald
Dolores K. Hanna
Robert A. Helman
Hon. Prentice H. Marshall
Earl L. Neal
Alexander Polikoff

Jean Allard
Hon. William J. Bauer
Phillip H. Corboy
Milton H. Gray
Hon. George N. Leighton
Dawn Clark Netsch
Jerold S. Solovy
Thomas P. Sullivan