Justice John Paul Stevens Award

More on the Phelan Award

The Justice John Paul Stevens Award was conceived by Justice Stevens’ former law clerks, and was first presented in September of 2000. This award, given by The Chicago Bar Foundation and The Chicago Bar Association, honors Justice Stevens, a Chicago native, for his lifetime effort to improve the system of justice and his active participation and dedication to the CBA. The award is presented annually to attorneys who best exemplify the Justice’s commitment to integrity and public service in the practice of law.

Our Past Phelan Award Recipients

2020 – Marcia M. Meis

2019 – Hon. Cheryl A. Starks

2018 – Mercedes Luque-Rosales

2017 – Sheri Mecklenburg

2016 – Deborah Hagan

2015 – Leslie Landis

2014 – Michael J. Pelletier

2013 – Carol A. Casey

2012 – Laurel Spahn

2011 – Kendall Hill

2010 – Daniel A. Kirk

2009 – Julie G. Sollinger

2008 – Sergio E. Acosta

2007 – James L. Dunn

2006 – Ann M. Spillane

2005 – D. Jean Ortega-Piron

2004 – Michael J. Morrissey