2016 – Timothy J. Hufman

For over 30 years at LAF, Tim Hufman has dedicated his legal career to keeping families safe, housed and together. As a Supervisory Attorney in the Housing Practice Group, Tim’s depth of knowledge in housing law has enabled him to turn the most desperate situations into positive outcomes for his clients.

Last year, Tim shifted his focus to exclusively supervising the Eviction Help Desk in the Markham Courthouse. The original intent of this move was to allow Tim to reduce his hours to “part-time,” but that was a relative concept to him; his colleagues report that he now works a 45-hour week instead of 70-80 hours.

With over 5,000 eviction cases filed each year, the Markham Courthouse has the busiest eviction docket in Cook County outside of the Daley Center. Most people come to court without a lawyer and with little understanding about their rights and responsibilities. At the Desk, Tim provides legal advice, negotiates settlements, and provides extended representation to tenants with high stakes matters like eviction from subsidized housing. Tim not only manages the Desk and a caseload, but also takes the time to mentor other attorneys.

Tim has been described as a “pioneer” by his colleagues in his many years of impressive work at LAF, using the law to change the landscape of poor communities. For example, he co-counseled LAF’s first mortgage rescue fraud case, where scammers promising home improvements stripped a homeowner of the home’s equity.

Tim is kind to all and ready to help with almost any problem. Colleagues report that he has climbed onto a client’s roof to inspect sloppy workmanship, helped clients move, and secured a one-time grant to save a family from homelessness. As one of Tim’s nominators wrote, “His leadership by example, his decades of financial and personal sacrifice, his constant ability to challenge the status quo while making everyone around him better, and his exemplary advocacy skills make Tim a truly deserving recipient of the Morsch Award.”

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