Young Professionals Dive in at the CBF

Young legal professionals today are busier than ever. Between balancing challenging work obligations and growing families, we’re grateful for the dedication of some of our best ambassadors:  the members of the CBF’s Young Professionals Board (YPB).

YPB members in 2016.

The CBF YPB is a group of young attorneys and other professionals working in related fields who are dedicated to helping the CBF further its mission by increasing the involvement of younger members of the legal community in the CBF’s work.

YPB members Paraisia Winston and Mike Gentithes volunteer at the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

In addition to being effective CBF ambassadors, YPB members are an integral part of everything the CBF does, assisting with our advocacy efforts like student debt reform, volunteering together for organizations that receive YPB grants like Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago, and often leading the charge during the Investing in Justice Campaign at their respective employers.

On top of all that, the YPB has planned and supported many CBF events over the years, raising funds to further the CBF’s work and getting new people involved. Past events like Casino Legale and Fat Tuesday also resulted in some pretty legendary photos. Currently, the YPB plays an active role in the CBF Fall Benefit’s silent auction, and takes the lead in planning Passport to Chicago, a perfect event for anyone who eats food.

This year, the YPB will be led by the dynamic leadership team of President Paraisia Winston Gray, President-Elect Jennifer  Kelly, and Vice President Jason Bradford. We look forward to seeing what the next 70 years of young professionals and fresh ideas will bring to the cause of access to justice!

YPB members in 2009.