This is what the fight for access to justice looks like.

It’s the end of the year, and while that has always been a period for reflection, this time we’re not just thinking back over the last year but the last 70. Since June, we’ve been digging through old photos, articles, and reports and uncovering some very interesting tidbits along the way. (Did you know the CBF’s George Brode Fund has its origins in Malort? The Power of Malort, indeed!)

It has been quite the trip down memory lane, and we’ve been reminded of how much has gone into making the CBF what it is today. From founders, board members and leaders to our legions of supporters and partners to our staff and volunteers, what the fight for access to justice really looks like is people. People that are driven, hard-working, creative, innovative and committed. People that care deeply about the fairness of our justice system and what that means for everyone in our community but particularly for people most in need.

And in the tradition of the new year, we’ll close out this anniversary series in 2019 by looking ahead at what we can accomplish together in the future. Hint: it’s some pretty exciting stuff!

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