Through the CBF Justice Society you can make a distinct and long-term impact in creating a justice system that is more fair, accessible and efficient for everyone in our community through innovative initiatives like the Justice Entrepreneurs Project and the Circuit Court of Cook County Resource Center for People without Lawyers. You and your fellow Justice Society members make it possible for the CBF to make the longer-term investments in groundbreaking programs like these that drive systemic improvements in access to justice and have deep and lasting impact.

In exchange for your significant investment in justice, you will receive timely, relevant information about the work you care most about. As a member of the Justice Society, you will also receive meaningful opportunities to connect with similarly dedicated peers and learn more about the impact your investment is making in the community.

Maximize your impact by giving monthly. By doing so, you invest in innovative programs and advocacy on a higher level, enabling the CBF to strategically plan and leverage added support.

As a member of the Justice Society, you truly provide the financial foundation that enables the CBF to remain at the forefront of driving the innovative solutions necessary to close the still sizable gap in access to justice in the Chicago area.

The Justice Society includes several gift levels to ensure that everyone has a personally meaningful opportunity to invest in equal justice for all. The top three tiers of the Justice Society represent the Abraham Lincoln Circle of Justice, the Justice Society’s premier donor circle.

Justice Society Membership Levels

Lincoln Circle Platinum:

$10,000 annually
$50,000 pledge over 5 years

Lincoln Circle Gold:

$5,000 annually
$25,000 pledge over 5 years

Lincoln Circle Silver:

$2,500 annually
$12,500 pledge over 5 years


$100 monthly/$1,200 annually
$6,000 pledge over 5 years


$50 monthly/$600 annually
$3,000 pledge over 5 years


$25 monthly/$300 annually
$1,500 pledge over 5 years

Current Justice Society members can make their contribution online.

For more information, contact Maggie McEldowney at mmceldowney@chicagobar.org or 312-554-1247.

All contributions to the CBF are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law and count towards the Illinois Supreme Court's Pro Bono Reporting Rule.
The CBF respects the privacy of all of our donors and will not sell or share your personal information under any circumstances. View the CBF Privacy Policy.