JEP Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we create the JEP?

How does the program work?
What kind of training and support does the JEP provide to participants?
Where is the program housed, and what office resources are provided?

Is there a fee to participate in the JEP?
Who can participate in the JEP?
Does the JEP incubate nonprofit law firms?
How many people participate at one time?
How are participants selected?
What is the pro bono component of the program?
Where will participants provide pro bono service?
What kinds of cases will participants handle and where will they get them?
Who will mentor the participants?
What is the JEP target market?
Who is overseeing this effort?
What is the CBF’s role in the JEP?
How is the program staffed?
What is CBA’s role in the JEP?
How do I apply for the JEP or learn more about the program?