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The Chicago Bar Foundation does not provide legal assistance or connect people with pro bono lawyers.

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Find Free Legal Help

There are many legal aid and pro bono organizations that can help people in Chicago or suburban Cook County with their legal problems. Here are some good places to look for help:

  • If you have a legal problem related to eviction or unpaid debt, you can contact Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt at or 855.956.5763.
  • If you have a legal problem that is NOT related to eviction or unpaid debt, you can call CARPLS Legal Aid at 312.738.9200.
  • If you have a question about going to court, you can call the Illinois JusticeCorps Court Information Helpline at 872.529.1093. Helpline volunteers cannot give legal advice, but they can provide information about going to court, virtual court appearances, court forms, fee waivers, electronic filing (e-filing), and other resources.

To learn more about legal problems and to find court forms, you can visit The website is free and available 24/7 with information on over 30 areas of law and automated tools that can help you complete court forms.

Cost-Effective Options

If you need to hire a lawyer, you should know that there are good lawyers who charge reasonable fees. They may be able to handle just part of your case or coach you on handling your case to make it more affordable:

The Justice Entrepreneurs Project

  • Lawyers in the Justice Entrepreneurs Project (JEP) provide lower cost, quality legal services that often include fixed fees and flexible representation options (like unbundled, a la carte services).
  • Many JEP lawyers have fee estimates on their websites, so you can find out what it might cost to hire a lawyer.
  • Find more information or contact a lawyer at or 312.546.3282.

Lawyers Who Offer Flexible & Customizable Legal Help Through Limited Scope Representation

  • Limited Scope Representation is an agreement with a lawyer to get help with part of your case, usually for a fixed rate. You and the lawyer work together to divide up the tasks in the case and to determine who will be responsible for each. Learn more.
  • List of lawyers who help with family law problems (including divorce, child support, and child custody/visitation).
  • If you are looking for limited scope representation in another area of law, please contact the Justice Entrepreneurs Project.

The Greater Chicago Legal Clinic

  • The Greater Chicago Legal charges clients fees based on their ability to pay.
  • Visit or call 773.731.1762.
The Chicago Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

The Chicago Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service

  • The Lawyer Referral Services connects people to experienced lawyers who charge fees for their time and services.
  • Some kinds of cases allow lawyers to earn fees, but clients don’t pay for those services up-front. Some examples are personal injury and consumer fraud cases.
  • Find more information or connect with the service at or 312.554.2001.
If you live outside of Cook County:

If you have a legal problem related to Covid-19 including housing, debt, bankruptcy, guardianship, probate, or unemployment, you can get answers to common questions and referrals to legal aid and pro bono organizations by visiting  

You can also visit to learn more about over 30 areas of law, to get help finding or completing court forms, or to apply for free legal help.

The Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice also offers information and resources for people going to court without a lawyer. Learn more at

If you live outside of Illinois:

Visit the American Bar Association’s Division of Legal Services for state by state referrals and information.